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The following is a list of artists featured in META 2018.
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Sara Wigglesworth These Shoes Make Me Feel Sexy but They’re Too Sexy to Wear Outside

Kadrah Mensah Dark and Lonely

Selin Ayman When pain subsides, vertebrae can return to moving

Alec Mulder Reactiles

Joyce Ropero Likas Papaya
Angie Kape Control

Andrew L/Spencer H Memory Fades

Joanne Fan A(NOT)Man

Cherise Solomon Freedom

Jessie Lee Silva
Dana Kornelia Crossing the Line

Michaela Milligan Have I told you lately

Franca Buning Prayers

Jay Zhuang 妈, what time was it over there?

Maisey Sutherland Transition

Nicole de Filippis Amaryllis

Nicola Chaddock Mota Vitae

Victoria White Menu of Life
 Sara Wigglesworth

These Shoes Make Me Feel Sexy but They’re Too Sexy to Wear Outside

These shoes make me feel so sexy, but they’re too sexy to wear outside is a holographic art-installation using tablets, smartphones, and a reclaimed dollhouse. This work addresses femininity and the assertion of one's sexuality. The woman personified within the dollhouse is meant to provoke the participant by asking them to question the objectification and ownership of the figure’s sexuality and in turn their own.

 Kadrah Mensah

Dark and Lonely

The name Dark and Lonely is a play-on-words of the black hair relaxer Dark and Lovely. This tangible art installation is a comment on the capitalist beauty system and how it affects mental health. By simulating the beauty section of a local grocery store or pharmacy, the work encourages participation.

 Selin Ayman

When pain subsides, vertebrae can return to moving

When pain subsides, vertebrae can return to moving is a sculptural work using acrylic, metal, and speakers. This autobiographical work concerns the artist’s battle with consuming others emotions and anxieties, and how this affects her physically. The piece invites the participant to ask questions about how the emotional distress caused by anxiety wears upon the body.

 Alec Mulder


Reactiles is an interactive projection-mapped tabletop that uses moveable tiles to explore the perceptual information required to comprehend motion in a moving image. This work invites the participant to create a sense of play by manoeuvring the tiles to discover and create images.

 Joyce Ropero

Likas Papaya

Likas Papaya is a multi-screen video work commenting on Filipina and Asian beauty standards. This darkly satirical work reflects on the politics of race and beauty in a way that asks participants to question their internal biases and presuppositions.

 Angie Kape


Control is a painting series that applies the principles of data visualisation to explore the topic of gun violence in the United States. The artist uses statistical data about those affected by gun violence to determine the amount of paint applied to the surface of the canvas. Working within these constraints, the artist creates a literal measure of destruction.

 Andrew Lang/Spencer Houghton
Andrew's Portfolio   Spencer's Portfolio

Memory Fades

Memory Fades is a virtual-reality artwork that immerses the audience in a complex and dynamic world created from the superimposition of several types of architectural space. The environment encourages the participant to pay attention to the personal significance of built space, and reflect on how their memories of it fade with time.

 Joanne Fan


A(NOT)MAN is a projection-mapped video installation exploring the Buddhist concept of “no-self”, and Fan’s personal experience with this ideology. This concept explores the rejection of physical bodies and the discovery and identification of multiple selves. This work invites the participant to engage and reflect on the concept of “no-self”

 Cherise Solomon


Freedom is a 360 dance video art piece, that comments on the freedom (or lack thereof) given to black people after the civil rights movement. This highly political work conveys the reality and emotional impact of the traumas that black people continue to face fifty-four years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In this piece, the participant is challenged to ask, “How do we find freedom in a world that continues to confine us?” TRIGGER WARNING.

 Jessie Lee


Silva is a three-act multimedia collaborative performance-video piece that follows the story of one woman’s journey through a world of creation and destruction. The artwork consists of original music, choreography, sculpture, and projection-mapped animations.

 Dana Kornelia

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line is an interactive audio piece commenting on the relationship between education and rape culture through the lens of survivors. This piece invites the participant to listen to the memoirs spoken by real people who have been affected by sexual misconduct. TRIGGER WARNING.

 Michaela Milligan

Have I told you lately

Have I told you lately is an audio-based art installation created to reflect upon and honour the life-lost of Milligan’s beloved grandmother through the representation and recreation of her wedding dress. This extremely personal work explores feminist themes, mortality, and how we choose to remember our loved ones. The participant of the work is invited to listen and reflect on the love and loss of matriarchs in one's own life.

 Sahil Lulla, Mohit Rai & James Drahos
Sahil's Portfolio  Mohit's Portfolio   James's Portfolio

The Invasion

The Invasion is an action based film following the “choose your own adventure” narrative. This highly production-based interactive work explores traditional storytelling conventions with an innovative twist. The participant is invited to watch and interact with the work, choosing their personalised narrative.

 Nicole de Filippis


Amaryllis is an artwork in which a live plant expresses a range of emotions, including happiness, anger, fear and sadness, through coloured lights. The flower's emotions form in reaction to the proximity of the audience member as well as the duration of their visit. The purpose of the piece is to encourage consideration of the interconnectedness of all living things.

 Nicola Chaddock

Mota Vitae

Mota Vitae is a projection-mapped sculpture that is a love-letter to synchronised swimming. The floating figure represents both the synchronised swimmer and the womb-like safety that is water. This piece invites the participant to enter a state of mindfulness while reflecting on their relationship with water.

 Victoria White

Menu of Life

Menu of Life explores the relationship between food and freedom of choice. This work has been programmed to be antagonistic and judgmental giving the participant a certain level of discomfort. The work addresses the tension between offering advice to improve oneself while showing the program itself carries similar faults as a way of illustrating the issues of what causes us to behave in specific ways.

 Franca Buning


Prayers is an interactive sculptural sound piece created for the artist's father, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. The artwork invites the participant to water the plants that float amongst the rows of suspended speakers and meditatively reflect on the significance of life.

 Jay Zhuang

妈, what time was it over there?

妈, what time was it over there? is a sculptural art-installation based on the artist's recollection of migration from China to Canada at the age of fifteen. Reading the inscriptions on a wall that separates 'here' and 'there', the audience is asked to participate in a conceptual scavenger-hunt. The piece operates as both a personal memoir that focuses on recapturing the lost past and a broader reflection on stories of migration.

 Maisey Sutherland


Transition is a light-animated sculptural work that is a physical representation of the process of transformation that occurs at the conclusion of one's education. It is meant to evoke the loss of innocence that occurs as one enters into adulthood and grapples with the realisation that things aren’t necessarily greener on the other side. Gallery visitors are required to walk through the archway at the entrance of META so that they may symbolically join the artist and her fellow creators in the process of transition.

 Gabbie Pangan


Bloom is an interactive sonic art installation which turns human interaction with plant life into sound. Various plants are placed in mirrored polyhedral frames and connected to capacitive sensors and speakers which produce sound when touched. Participants must act sensitively with the plants if they are to respect and harness their vitality. The piece reflects on how vulnerability is at play in any interaction that creates new possibilities.